Top of the Geeks: The Top 5 Comedy Geek Music Videos

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23 Aug 2010

Its Monday, its raining and if you're a geek (or even have geeky inclinations and are in denial about being one), you might be able to extract some joy from the below. Number 5 - "The Drupal Song"

This is a special one off LIVE PERFORMANCE! Don't miss it.

Number 4 - "The Wordpress Song" Devin Reams. Why not get the Lyrics so you can sing along as well. This blog is also powered by Wordpress so this is particularly special to me.

Number 3 - "The Twitter Song" Chris Thompson, with an incredible 416,000 views at time of writing!

Number 2 - "The HTML5 Song" the brilliant Daniel Davis.

and in at Number 1 - "The CSS3 Song"

Also by Daniel Davis, I hold this and the HTML5 song close to my heart. Enjoy.