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London Triathlon 2018

26 Sep 2018

Last month, I did the Olympic Distance London Triathlon 2018. This was by far the biggest sporting thing I’ve ever done and I loved it.

I started training in April this year. I have shed north of 20kg through healthy eating and of course lots of running, cycling & swimming.

It has inspired me to enter the Leicester Half Marathon in October, and the half Iron distance Cotswold 113 triathlon in June 2019.

The training has got to a stage now where I genuinely enjoy doing it and long may that continue. I particularly enjoyed the variety – if you were tired from one discipline, often one of the others was still doable. I found I could cram in five activities per week.

I gratefully received many tips from more seasoned triathletes along the way. I am under no illusion that without these, I may have run out of steam and almost definitely not enjoyed it as much as I did.

And so here they are, for any budding triathletes¹ like I was:

¹ yes, I now only refer to myself as a ‘triathlete’