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Animate on Arrival

06 Feb 2013

A week or so ago I tweeted about a trend I've been referring to as 'animate on arrival.' Since then I've been seeing more and more of them, and a) wanted to write about it because I haven't written in a while, and b) compile a list of them. The reason it caught my attention is that without realising, it really made me focus on the content and actually read the thing. To demonstrate, I've listed a few decent examples below and I'm also keeping the others I find tagged on Delicious.

Apart from all being beautifully designed ― the top 3 particularly ― they were all launched within a few weeks of each other, got quite a bit of attention and of course all featured this technique.

Anyway, I really like it, and if you're using jQuery just drop in jQuery Waypoint, add a class to trigger your CSS animations, SVG fills or whatever and everyone's laughing.

And that's that.