I am a twenty thirty something year old web designer based in London. This is my blog about personal stories on both client and personal projects, with which I hope to share some of the techniques and thoughts. Right now I’m working with the Financial Times. Find out more about what I’m up to on my CV.

I’ve created and launched several of my own ideas. These have all been great technical exercises, and its been really rewarding to see some of the ideas on here be taken further by the readers. One idea I’m currently working on is an online baby book creator, Before I Grew up which integrates with the brilliant Lulu, whom as a result have made me their featured developer. Sadly this product has been discontinued after four successful years of trading.

Another is using an SVG driven Tube Map, which can be viewed over on the playground. Someone has even made a whole estate agency based on this.

I find new ways of doing things fascinating and thrive from learning new skills.